California Water Service
Turf Replacement Rebate Program

Cal Water Turf Program FAQ's

Cal Water does not make any representation or warranty regarding the actual or estimated cost of conversion for any particular Project area. In general,there are some sources of information, which indicate that the actual conversion will runabout $2 to more than $5 per square foot depending upon the elaborateness and detail of the converted landscaping. The intent of the Program is to help participants realize long-term savings from significantly reduced maintenance and water costs.
Cal Water will consider all projects that had live turf as of January 1, 2015. See program terms and conditions for details. Certain conditions may apply.
Cal Water will consider all projects that had live turf as of Jan 1st2015. See program terms and conditions for details. Certain conditions may apply.
Plants are required to be drought tolerant and climate appropriate. Ideas can be found in our Project Resources section of the website.
No, the specific purpose of this incentive is to assist residents in eliminating water thirsty lawn/grass.
No. This program was established to encourage alternatives to turf grass. Obviously, there are appropriate needs for turf grass such as a playing surf ace for children, or areas for dogs. For areas that are not involved in the Project for which you would like to maintain turfgrass for the above mentioned uses, Cal Water encourages the use of such warm season turf grasses.
Plant material must cover at least 50% of the new landscaped area by the time the plants are mature, or after approximately two years (potted plants do not count towards the 50% requirement).
We use the eventual mature size of each species of shrubs and ground covers. You can plant any size or age you desire, it won’t change your percentage of cover. The only exception is trees where you are allotted a maximum of 78 square feet(five foot radius) per tree for the purposes of calculating your percentage of plant cover.This is to prevent someone from planting all trees and nothing else.
Your new landscape is required to have 100% covered with materials such as plants, compost and mulch, and or permeable “hard scape” (e.g., mulch, decomposed granite). 50% must be plant material; up to50% can be permeable such as mulch. Organic mulch is recommended because it helps prevent runoff and holds moisture in the soil.
Your irrigation system must be an efficient system that meets program guidelines .This essentially means you must cap existing spray heads, use drip, bubblers, rotating stream, rotating nozzles, or hand water for irrigation. Check the Cal Water website to find out about Cal Water’s efficient irrigation nozzle rebate program.
Yes, please work with your HOA to obtain the appropriate account number to utilize for the program application.
Plants must meet Program guidelines. Please refer to the plants listed under “Plant Lists” in the “Resources” section for ideas of plants that will qualify for this Program.
The purpose of our program is to create landscapes of living plants that maintain a natural environment promoting groundwater percolation, shade, carbon dioxide absorption, oxygen production, and wildlife habitat while minimizing soil erosion, energy use, noise pollution, high air temperatures, and storm water runoff. A yard of gravel or synthetic turf does not fulfill our program purpose. We want your landscape to be attractive and encourage others.
No, turf replacement incentives are limited to one application per site address. If you receive a rebate for replacing your turf, you cannot apply for another rebate even if you replace additional turf at a later date. Please apply for the maximum area you plan to convert.
After receiving approval to start the work, you will have 120 days to complete your project.
Ineligible materials include, but are not limited to, the following: artificial turf, seed, sod, vegetable gardens, vineyards, medium and high water use plants, lawn ornaments, impervious surfaces, cement, decking, curbing, hot tubs, pools, building extensions, retaining walls, sheds, trellises, playground materials, and fences.
If approved, payments will typically be made within 90 days of submitting your completed project.
We cannot recommend particular contractors, and instead suggest that you read through the online class. You will find a great deal of helpful information there. Your best bet is to look around your neighborhood and find a water efficient landscape that you like. Ask the owner of that property which landscaping contractor they used and about their experience.