California Water Service
Turf Replacement Rebate Program

Terms & Conditions

Cal Water Turf Replacement Rebate Program Terms and Conditions

  1. CAL WATER will pay one dollar per square foot (sq ft) for the replanting of drought-tolerant plants in areas where turf grass/lawn was removed. The rebate will be calculated for the amount of square footage removed and replanted with plants or impermeable material. The rebate amount cannot exceed the cost of the Project.
  2. The replanted area must be a minimum of 50% of the area where turf grass was removed.
  3. For all participants, Cal Water requires a minimum of 250 square feet of turf to be removed. For single family residential customers, the maximum rebate is limited to 1,000sq ft of turf removed ($1,000 ). For multi family residential and non residential customers,the maximum rebate is limited to 10,000 sq ft of turf removed ($10,000 ). Any exemptions to these limits may be made at the sole discretion of Cal Water.
  4. All projects must be approved by Cal Water prior to turf removal. Cal Water may conduct pre and/or post inspection for program qualifications.
  5. All projects must be approved by Cal Water prior to turf removal. At its sole discretion Cal Water may approve existing projects that began no earlier than January 1,2015.
  6. Only one turf replacement incentive per premise ID is allowed.
  7. A participant will only be eligible for an incentive payout upon submission of clearly documented costs, and approval of the Project area by Cal Water following completion of the Project.
  8. The Project must be completed within 120 days from the date of application approval in order to be eligible for the incentive payment. In the event the participant believes he/she will not be able to complete the Project within said time period, the participant may request one extension. The terms and conditions of any extension, and the determination of whether to grant an extension, will be made at CAL WATER’s discretion. Any such request for an extension must be submitted via email to CAL WATER at least 10 days prior to expiration of the original 120 day period.
  9. Once the Project is complete, the participant must notify the Program Administrator at CAL WATER in order for final approval and payment of the incentive.
  10. Before the incentive is paid to the participant, all receipts related to the project must be submitted to the Program Administrator at CAL WATER. Photocopies of receipts are acceptable.
  11. The completed Project area must remain in compliance with all Program conditions for a period of at least 5 years from the date of Project approval. In the event any portion of Project area is determined to not be in compliance with Program conditions, CAL WATER may take any and all actions which may be available in order to enforce theProgram conditions including, but not limited to, the penalties, service termination and other remedies set forth in CAL WATER’s Rules And Regulations Governing WaterService And Water Users as said policies may be amended and revised from time to time.Said remedies may also include the requirement for repayment of the incentive payment which CAL WATER may collect by any available means.
  12. CAL WATER does not endorse any products, suppliers, designers, or contractors.Participants who desire to utilize a landscape contractor are encouraged to retain the services of a duly licensed landscape contractor and to obtain more than one bid for the project. The following is a list of two websites which may provide references to licensed landscape contractors. However, CAL WATER is not representing that the following websites are the only sources of such information, nor does CAL WATER provide any representation or warranty regarding the information or references in the following websites:
    1. California State Contractor’s License Board
    2. California Association of Landscape Contractors
  13. The Turf Replacement Rebate Program, and the terms and conditions set forth herein, are subject to change without notice. Incentives are given on a first come, first-served basis subject to Program funding availability, budgetary constraints, and the limited duration of this Program.
  14. Incentives will be paid by check approximately 90 days after final approval by CAL WATER.
  15. The participant is responsible for complying with all applicable laws, codes, policies,covenants, and conditions that may apply to performance of the lawn removal/landscape conversion work under any Project as said conditions may be imposed by the applicable governmental or regulatory entity.
  16. CAL WATER recommends that participants get approval from their HOA (if any)before applying to the program. Customers within an HOA must receive approval from their HOA prior to submitting any landscape plans or plant lists.
  17. CAL WATER reserves the right to refuse incentive disbursement if CAL WATER believes the Project is detrimental to the intent of the program.